Monday, May 30, 2011

Three Hip Chicks Review

 Three Hip Chicks.

Have y'all heard of them?

If not, I'm delighted to be the one to let you in on this amazing online boutique! You can share your thanks in the comment section below :)

Three Hip Chicks is the boutique to shop for unique and unusual gifts for all occasions. Their gift ideas include personalized wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, engraved birthday gifts, and monogrammed corporate gifts. Their monogrammed sterling silver jewelry makes a perfect anniversary for for a special gal or guy or a graduation gift for a son or daughter on the way to college. Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts are easy to choose and fun to give. Three Hip Chicks can create an elegant and trendy mommy necklace, a chunky family cluster necklace or a simple sterling silver charm necklace on a ball chain that will suit your style.

Lately, I've been LOVING hand-stamped jewelry. I think it's fabulous.
And the amazing chicks at Three Hip Chicks sent me a personalized hand-stamped necklace that I love.
It came packaged with an elegant little bow. But the best part was on the inside.

Obviously, it's gorgeous. There's no denying that. The silver is so shiny, and the disk is flawless.
And the craftsmanship? So much better than I even expected. A lot of the hand-stamped stuff I've seen online is pretty messy, and not so well done. But this, from Three Hip Chicks, was perfect. The letters were so clear and crisp. And I love the symmetrical spacing of the names. 

Trust me, these ladies know what they're doing. They've got hand-stamped jewelry down to a fine art!  

Unique, gorgeous, pretty, practical, meaningful, fun, perfect.

Looking around their site, I found so many other beautiful things.

Three Hip Chicks also has two sister sites. 

Kate's Plates is the place for personalized preppy plates. Just look at this gorgeousness!

And The Prepie Techie has all the accessories you could ever need for your cell phones, ipads, laptops and more!

Now, go take a look around! I think you'll like what you see at Three hip chicks!


  1. CUTE! your new necklace is just lovely. thanks for sharing :)

  2. These are pretty! I really like that necklace

  3. Adorable necklace. Lucky you!

  4. Oh my goodness...I will definitely be looking at their site! I love it!

    And be sure to check out my newest post...I left you something there! :)

  5. So cute!! The necklace really is flawless!

  6. aww pretty! I love those plates!

  7. Thank you for sharing the site! The products are beautiful! BTW... I am hopping by to show some love from 7 on a Shoestring.

  8. Oh Nifty! I love the necklace!

  9. Love that necklace! I bet Faith would think it's delicious :)

  10. very cute stuff!!!! i was considering doing some of those personalized plates as decoration on my wall...what do you think?


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