Thursday, June 23, 2011

Party planning

Kaylee and EB (star of HOP) at Universal Studios
June 2011

Blogging is extra sparse this week as I've got my hands full preparing for Kaylee's 8th birthday party. In years past, she's always opted for the cheesy Pump it Up (indoor bounce houses), Gymnastic places kind of birthday parties which are part awesome because there's no prep and no clean up, and the kids are entertained, and part sucky cause they're totally impersonal and a little expensive.
 Kaylee turns 7!

This year, she wanted to have her birthday party at home and I'm both excited and annoyed at this prospect. Excited to actually host the party and plan the food and decorations and stuff and hopefully end up with something really cute and special for her, but annoyed with all the needed cleaning and preparation. Every day, I try to do some of the cleaning, but by that night, between my kiddos and by husband (haha) the house is already a mess again.
 Kaylee turns 6!

Also, executing a prettily themed party, with awesome decorations and snacks and pretty tablescapes is also kind of hard because my 8 year old has quite a....unique view of what makes for pretty decorations. She didn't want any particular theme, so we have a sort of........pool party, Hawaiian, beach theme kind of thing going on. 
Anyway, her party is Saturday, so think good thoughts for me that it all goes well. I just keep reminding myself that none of the 8 year olds are even going to notice the little details, so I really shouldn't stress about it.

Speaking of parties, I've got a question for y'all.

If you were to get an invitation instructing you to bring a "covered dish" what would that mean to you? 
Meat? Veggie? Side dish? Dessert? Something hot? Something cold? 

(No, I didn't send invitations asking people to bring things to our party! This is for a party that we were invited to!)


  1. we actually did "covered dish" for our wedding! [lame i know but it was a picnic at the church and we have covered dish dinners at our church alllll the time]. for church dinners it normally means entre and dessert. 2 items. or salad and dessert. but for our wedding we obviously had cake so people just brought like cheesy potatoes, or a casserole, or a lasagne, or a salad. you get the idea.

  2. Good luck on the party planning I'm sure it will go great without a hitch!

  3. I would assume I should bring a casserole if I saw "covered dish" and I would also assume I somehow ended up in the midwest and try to make it out there alive :)

  4. Even though I am not a fan of little human beings, I would love to plan a child's birthday party. I think I would have way too much fun with that.
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  5. I know the feeling, we do the at home parties and I stress for 2 weeks before trying to get everything together and what's funny is its only ever been just family at our parties all of which have seen my house a mess.(a real mess, not just the untidy kind but really MESSY). Her party will be AMAZING! (and Memorable!)

    Covered dish to me means casserole or some sort of side dish, and since everyone would be asked to bring one I'd think they are having sort of a buffet type dining style. So the more Unique the item the better (and most likely not to be a repetitive dish.)

  6. Good luck with the party!!! One of the things I'm super excited about with the baby is getting to plan kid's birthday parties. We just have a small family one for Aubrey since the big party is her mom's thing (as it should be. yes I'm jealous but just because I love going crazy about stuff like that - not because I want to take the job away from her, etc, etc).
    If it's a Hawaiian theme, how about having the kids make newspaper grass skirts? We did that for one of my partys as a kid and it was a blast.
    And I always bring a side when it says covered dish (especially during the winter and then it's usually in my crock pot) but I wouldn't stress too much. If it's pot luck then there's bound to be a little of everything and it won't matter too much. :) At least I know that I've never made the snide comment in my head "Someone made jello?? That's sooooo not a covered dish!"

  7. When I see "covered dish" I think casserole, so a hot entree or side dish?? Not really sure though.

    I hope the party goes well! I'm sure the 8 year olds won't notice all the details but I would also want to make them special anyway!

  8. I think of anything hot, for a "covered dish". It's really kind of a mystery, huh?? For some reason a nacho bake or lasagna comes to mind...

  9. I hope everything goes well with the party. :-)

  10. Good luck with all the planning! I LOVE party planning! It just makes me giddy thinking about it… sounds I am sending some good vibes your way! As for the covered dish… I typically always make a desert wherever I go that I need to take something… so I would take my desert:)

  11. I'm sure Kaylee's party will turn out amazing!! Just have fun with it! As long as you have balloons, streamers, invites, cake and party favors the kids will be happy!! (Maybe a pizza wouldn't hurt ;) )

    And I think a covered dish would be anything that you listed above... just something to share. But I agree with pbandj07 - a less common dish so it's not a repeat :)

    Happy Party Planning!

  12. For some reason, "covered dish" reads entree/side dish, and probably something that was originally baked or cooked? I'm not sure though! Good luck planning the party!

  13. Wow, what a lucky girl! My brother and I had family birthday parties. I think we only had two or three friends parties and they were when we were older.

    Have fun!

  14. I can't wait to see how the party turns out. :)

    A covered dish to me means something that is baked, but I've always found that people bring what they want to bring regardless of what people ask. :)

  15. I have truly never heard of "covered dish" so if I got this invite I would bring whatever I wanted in a dish with a lid!

    I love birthday parties. And I have learned long ago that al the decorations and the details are for me not the birthday girl! As for the rule is never clean before the party because you just have to do it again after! Tidy up and go with the flow:)

  16. Hey girl just wanted to let you know you won one of my giveaways this week, stop by when you can :o)

  17. oh fun! i am sure her party will be fantastic! happy weekend~

  18. Yeah for birthday's! A "covered dish" would make me think something hot. Main course or side dish, like a casserole?

  19. Awww Happy Birthday to Kaylee! I am sure whatever you come up with will be perfect! Can't wait to hear about it post-party!

    I am not sure what I would think about "covered dish" but my default is always to take a dessert!

  20. sounds to me like a dish of anything that is covered. I wouldn't stress about something being hot. Most people that ask to bring a dish, they want a salad of some sort or a dessert.

  21. I can't believe she's going to be 8! That's so crazy.

    Covered dish?? does that just mean in a container that has a lid because maybe it's going to be outside? I say, make whatever you want!

  22. Just wanted to say I was thinking of you guys today. I hope Kaylee had a wonderful birthday and that the party was a hit (and that you don't have too much cleaning up to do!).

    Covered dish...that's a new one to me!

  23. My little one's second birthday party is upon us, and I am pretending (at least until tomorrow) that I don't actually have to plan it. Good luck with Kaylee's! I'm sure it will be super fun!

    And, I would do a side dish or dessert for the covered dish. Doesn't the host usually do the main dish for events like this?

  24. Looks like that was a good time!
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  25. How fun! I can't wait til I can plan actual kid birthday parties that actual KIDS attend! I've got a few more years I think. Hope you're having fun planning.

    And covered dish: sounds like anything from dinner, appetizer, side dish, veggie dish. The possibilities are endless!

  26. Happy birthday Kaylee! I am sure it will turn out great!
    I would think covered dish as any of the things you listed-side items, meat, desert, etc. Kind of like a pot luck!

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