Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pool party!

I appreciated everyone's well wishes for the party we had last weekend.
Kaylee's birthday party was a success! Like I said, we did some sort of strange pool party, Hawaiian, beach theme kind of thing
 It turns out that I'm a terrible blogger and terrible picture taker, so I really don't have much to show for our little birthday shindig. We had 10 kids at the party, and spent a few hours swimming, eating snacks, doing the cake thing, and opening presents. Everyone had a great time, and Kaylee announced it the best birthday party ever! And if Kaylee was happy with it, I was happy with it!

  The kids totally dug into the snacks before I could snap a pic of my pretty display. We did three different types of candy in those purple containers that say candy (who woulda thought?!) and crunchy snacks in the little beach pails. Also, Kaylee just had to have the "fancy" cups for drinks.

Once Kaylee saw this ice cream cone cupcake cake, she was absolutely certain this was what she wanted. She wouldn't even consider anything else.

The kids all had a blast in the pool! I know, I know, these assemble yourself above ground pools aren't even "legit" pools and even we call it {white trash} (no disrespect intended!) but we really do enjoy it a lot. As did all the kids!

My brother came to the party too, and decided it would be great fun to spray the kids with a hose. And so ensued a big water fight!

Oh, and after the party was over, I managed to snap a picture of our front porch...which was already imperfect and no longer picture worthy. Fail.

I know, the balloons are totally tacky, but Kaylee thought it was cool. Whatever it takes to make our kiddos happy, right?!

And in other news.....
Winners are usually selected via, but this week's winners come to you via Kaylee. I asked her to select a number between one and the number of entries.

The winner of the glass dharma giveaway was #19, The Workaholic Momma!

The winner of the Flax USA giveaway was #2, Team Lando!

Congrats, ladies! If y'all could both email me at megandyanray at gmail dot com with your mailing info, that would be great!

Y'all, I know I'm a terrible blogger lately, but Isabelle crawls and is into EVERY-FREAKING-THING, and Kaylee's home with me, and those two girls deserve my attention more than my computer does.
However, I've still got some good stuff planned. Like....
Recapping our Disney trip and sharing tons of tips!
Pics of Kaylee's birthday!
and lots of great giveaways!

Do you like to throw parties? Or do you prefer to leave the planning to someone else and just worry about showing up on time?


  1. It looks like the party was a huge success!!

    I LOVE planning parties!!! But I don't think Clayton loves me planning parties because that's when my OCD and splurging starts to kick in.....

  2. I love planning parties and yours looks like it turn out good. I love that cake!

  3. Looks like a great party!! And yes, we will do anything to make our kiddos happy.

    I am a huge party planner! A's birthday has been in the making since oh.....last September!! =) And I've already started on K's birthday that is in November.

    I love having parties!!!!!

  4. super cute party! i'm glad she had a good time :)

  5. I'm a planner, so I love planning/hosting parties! If I could make a career of it, I would! I think your pictures are fine, and the cupcake cake...CUTE! I'm so glad your little girl had a fabulous birthday party! :)

    Oh, and the pool, well...ummm...I live in MO and 90% of the pools around here are above ground pools or you swim in the river! I don't see anything wrong with that! :)

  6. What a fun party! Love that cute cake:)

  7. Great party...I love to plan parties :

    Happy Birthday Kaylee!

  8. I think your pics are great!!! and the party looks like it turned out too cute! Love the theme! The kids all look like they are having a blast and that is totally what matters the most :)

  9. This party looks super fun!!! I love the use of colors, and everyone looks like they had a great time. :) I'm glad that it went so well.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Yay! Glad Kaylee's party was a looks lie a good time was had by all :)

  11. The only thing that matters is the birthday girl (and her friends) had a lot of fun!! And that cupcake cake is too cute, love it!!

    I love planning parties, it's a lot of fun!

  12. Oh it looks like it was a blast! :)
    Kaylee was happy thats what was most important!

    And you know I'm a planner. We already have the boys party all planned up (and their decorations on order)But honestly it all boils down to the child knowing that they are loved and are wished a Happy Birthday, and doing whatever you feel it takes to make that happen.

  13. Looks like a GREAT time! Glad it went well :)

  14. So glad you had a fun time!

  15. I'm glad the party was a success! Kids are easy to please and I love that! I'm not a big fan of throwing parties. I hate feeling like I have to make sure the conversations is flowing smoothly and everyone is having a good time. I don't like the pressure!

  16. That cake is awesome! I love the bright, colorful decorations. Want to plan my next party haha?

  17. Ooh a pool party looks like so much fun! What a lucky 8-year-old :)

    I would rather plan, alone, because I'm a...well...I'm a control freak and if anyone else does it, they'll do it wrong (hey, I'm honest!). I really want a cupcake now :)

  18. This looks like the funnest birthday party ever!! I really am not a fan of how extravaggant birthday parties are becoming! This is seriously perfect and I bet the kids LOVED it!
    And that cake is SO cute!!

  19. How adorable - looks like an awesome party!! I love the cupcake ice cream cake - that's awesome!!!

    And...I am SO excited about winning your giveaway...those straws look really awesome - I'm sending you my mailing address now!!

    Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week!!

  20. It looks like everyone had fun at the party - including the grown-ups (ie your brother! too friggan funny!) And I agree with Kaylee - if I had seen that cake I wouldn't have settled for anything else either!! =)
    Enjoy your time with your girls!!

  21. Wow Megan! Looks like you had a fantastic pool day! Everyone looks so happy :)

    Happy Thursday!

  22. I just have to say that the ice cream cake is DARLING! You did such a good job! And pool parties are the best...I remember being a kid and loving them, so I am sure your daughter just thought it was the BEST PARTY EVER!

  23. looks like everyone had sooooo much FUN!!!! Did you do that cake!? Its AWESOME!!!!! I hope you and those sweet girls are having a blast!!!! Ive n ot been a very good blogger either! <3

  24. Is it strange that my thought when I saw the picture of Kaylee cannonballing into the pool was "Man, she has very toned shoulders. I wonder if she does push ups...."

  25. Looks like a really great party! That ice cream cone cake is AMAZING!

  26. Looks like a successful party to me! Somehow fancy cups make whatever you're drinking taste even better ;)

  27. Happy Birthday to big Sissy! :) Annabella can tell her all about what it's like to be 8...I mean, she's been living her eighth year for 7 weeks now. ;) Got her ears pierced today, too! (Finally!)

    I'm not a fan of big parties. It equals stress, but it's for "the kids", right? Looks like you all had fun.

    Who cares about the type of pool. It holds water. ;) Better than NO us. (We had a similar one for one summer...till it broke.)

    Sophisticated Steps

  28. it looks like it was a success! i think it's wonderful that you let her decide so many of the aspects of her party to make it extra special for her :) good mama!!! i'm READY for those DISNEY TIPS!!!!!! :)

  29. Looks like ya'll had so much fun!! I think everything looks great!

  30. Those are great photos! They look like the essence of all I love about summer: pools, treats and fun!

  31. Looks like a great party! That cake is amazing!

  32. Happy birthday big girl!
    It looks like such a great party! I love that cake! It looks amazing! You did such an awesome job momma!

  33. Wow! This is an awesome pool party! When I have kids someday I definitely want to be the mom that makes awesome parties and cakes. :)

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