Friday, June 17, 2011

Preparing for Disney World

I meant to post this before I left for Disney World, but Blogger was not my friend, and instead it sat in my list of drafts. Better late than never, right?! Basically, it's just a run down of what was essential for us to pack. 

On top of the busy-ness of having both kiddos at home now, I've also been busy getting us all packed for a full EIGHT days in Florida. Did y'all know that even though babies are really small people, that they require a LOT of stuff?

Packing for Kaylee was a breeze. 
9 shirts, 9 shorts, a dress, 9 undies, 9 pairs of socks.

Tennis shoes, sandals, and crocs. (Tennis shoes are essential for how much walking we'll be doing at Disney. And sandals and/or crocs are a necessity for the beach.)
2 swimsuits, PJs, a toothbrush and kid toothpaste.
Kid vitamins, sunscreen. She'll share my shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.
Some books, a pad of drawing paper and a box of markers for entertainment on the airplane.

I was a little more complicated. 
Several shirts, several shorts, several dresses.
Undies, socks, bras, nursing tanks, swim suit, Tshirts to sleep in.
Tennis shoes and sandals.
Toothbrush, toothpaste, prenatal vitamins, contact case, contact solution, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairbrush, straightener, and mascara.  (the only makeup you really need!)

Breastpump, nursing pads.  (I exclusively breastfeed (as in, never bottle feed) but I found from our Spring Break trip that when Isabelle is distracted by new places and people and things to see that she doesn't eat. I was SO full after a day of no breastfeeding that I would have killed for a pump. I just use a little handheld one, so it's a breeze to pack and have along just in case.)
Camera, charger, cell phone, charger. Kindle, freshly loaded with a few new books :)

And then there's Isabelle. 
For Isabelle, I packed about 12 different outfits, assuming that we will have our usual poopsplosions in Florida just like we do at home. If so, there will probably be lots of hotel sink clothes washings.

I also packed about 60 diapers, and lots of wipes.
(a note on diapers. You can choose to pack just what you'll need for the day, and then plan on buying a pack or two once you arrive, but I choose to pack them, knowing that we will buy souvenirs and the empty space from where the diapers were ensures that I will have some free space for the extra stuff we take home.) 
Baby lotion, baby sunscreen, and little headbands and ponytail holders.
Seven pouches of Happy Baby and Ella's Kitchen baby food, with 5 take and toss baby spoons, along with Happy Puffs, Happy Melts and Cascadian Farms Purely Os.
I purchased this snack dispenser, so that we could have multiple choices but only one container. I highly recommend it!

Two adorable sun hats, baby sunglasses that she refuses to wear, a pair of Robeez, our Paciplay, and about 5 pacifiers, since I plan on losing at least a few.
I also am taking her Chicco infant car seat and stroller (the travel system), her Ergo baby carrier, and our new Balboa baby high chair cover.

We usually refuse to check bags, partly because paying to check bags on top of the airfare charge is ridiculous, and partly because we're impatient and hate waiting for our suitcase to arrive at baggage claim. However, I checked one large suitcase this time, to make it easier.
Can you imagine me trying to manage a wiggly 9 month old, a stroller, a car seat, my purse, her diaper bag AND a carry on suitcase?! There's no way.
Instead, I juggled the aforementioned 9 month old, stroller, car seat, purse and diaper bag. 

I also always suggest taking a light jacket on the plane because they can get pretty chilly.

For anyone who's curious, we've flown 2 round trips with Isabelle, and over a dozen times with Kaylee, and I've never needed any form of identification for either of them. I have no idea what sort of situation would need me to have this, but I carry a copy of both of their birth certificates with me, just in case. (Copy, not original!)

And that's that! Ready to go!

What are your essentials when you're packing to go on vacation??


  1. Oh man, I'm exhausted just reading through that. I always over pack for the baby and then end up forgetting something for myself (like underwear).

    It's good you know to bring that pump, I remember not being able to sleep if my meter was on "Full" :)

  2. I do remember some of what it took to pack little ones but I have that post traumatic war stuff. I forgot! Hope you have a good time at Disney World

  3. It always seems like the smaller the person, the more stuff he/she needs!

    Moms (and dads) always have to be logistics experts when taking the family on a vacation.

  4. I always overpack. I feel like I need EVERYTHING! I only end up using about 1/2 of the stuff, but it still makes me feel better :-)

  5. You're so organized, Megan! Have a great weekend :)

  6. I will take a page from your over packing for kids.

  7. Sounds like you've got it down momma! Glad your girls are troopers when it comes to traveling!

  8. I flew solo with my oldest son when he was 3 years old. I packed a backpack for me and for him for the plane ride and put way too much stuff in each one. At one point, we had to book it from one end of the terminal to the other to catch our flight and he didn't want to walk anymore, so I had to carry him, his backpack, and my backpack! I don't know how I made it. :-)

  9. I traveled with both my girls to Florida alone in March (and will do so again in August, this time pregnant! eek) and I carry a copy of their birth cert. too but have never needed it either.

    I wish I could have your packing skills, I always ALWAYS over pack and I end up checking EVERYTHING and paying WAYYYYY too much money for it.

    Oh, and I'm so getting one of those snack containers.

    Hope you girls enjoyed your trip!

  10. Oh man! I know that feeling. It's amazing how much stuff you NEED to have for little ones. It sounds like you did pretty well by my standards!

  11. Very cute post. It gives me an idea I should totally do this when we are going on our next trip.
    My son who is 4 has 4 stamps and my daughter who is a bit over 2 has 2 stamps on their passport.
    So, I am a bit experienced you can say when it comes to traveling with kids on long and I mean very very long trips. But as they grow what we pack changes so drastically doesn't it?
    We are going to Jamaica in October so that should be interesting.

  12. babies do need a lot of stuff!! It takes me 3 trips out to the car EVERY morning-my lunch, my purse, my computer bag, my gym bag, my pump, then the baby's daiper bag, bottle bag, and then the baby! We are planning to head back to New Zealand for Christmas and I have no idea how I will pack everything especially since we will need so much on the 6 hr flight to CA,then the 13 hour flight to NZ!!

  13. I remember travelling with my two year old brother... And It was NOT pleasant. I wasn't even the one who had to take care of him. So, I just gotta say kudos. You are one BRAVE mom.

  14. oh gosh- its hard enough packing just for me and making sure the boyfriend has his phone charger, camera, etc... I can't imagine packing for little ones too!

  15. I totally get you! I just sent Kaylin away for 2 nights and she had a full suitcase of her own, diaper bag, backpack, and insulated food keeper. It was insane but it's all necessary and required to make life easier!

  16. Looks like you have packing down to a science. I'm such a last minute packer. Happy Tuesday.

  17. I am a serious over packer, It is a problem! And since I also pack for the kiddos you can imagine the mayhem!

  18. you really braved this? Vacationing at DISNEY WORLD with two young kids? eek!! You are my hero. Just the packing alone would send me over the edge.


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