Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I scream for ICE CREAM!

I interrupt my regularly scheduled posting (I was actually working on my next Disney World post, about Magic Kingdom) to alert you to some FABULOUS (new) ice creams you need to try. 
Blue Bunny Red Velvet Cake ice cream.  Red velvet cake flavored ice cream swirled with cheese cream icing flavored ice cream with little pieces of red velvet cake mixed in.
If you like red velvet cake, I'm pretty sure you'll need this ice cream in your life. Plus, it's pretty :)

Blue Bunny Triple Chocolate Cake ice cream. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and thick, rich fudge icing swirled in.
Definitely an ice cream for any chocolate lover out there! The fudge swirls are the best part!

Haagen Dazs Carmel Apple Pie ice cream. Apple ice cream and fresh apple swirled with caramel and pie crust pieces. Normally, I'd never buy this flavor, but lately I've been having a hard core craving for anything struesel-y, caramel-y or apple pie-ish. The apple ice cream is just a little bit odd, but it's still pretty good.

What's your favorite ice cream??


  1. Mmmmmmmm!!!! All look super delish!!

  2. I actually really love coffee ice cream, which is odd because I don't like coffee. :)

    My biggest ice cream pet peeve is ice cream with bits of stuff in it. I only like smooth ice cream. :P

  3. I love blue bunny... got to try those!

  4. I've been bit by the homemade ice cream bug this summer and that's my new favorite :) Any flavor but cake batter is definitely one of the best so far!!

  5. I saw some Blue Bunny rainbow cake ice cream at the story the other day- I almost bought it but then I knew I wasn't going straight home. I wish, now, that I had picked it up!

  6. Ooooh! The red velvet is making me hungry!! I'm going to get some ASAP!

  7. My weak spot? Ice cream. Really.

    I've been known to "need" it every night as just a little snack.

    My favorite flavor? Almost anything. However, when I was in South Carolina, I had icecream that was toasted coconut. That is my new fave.



  8. These all look delicious! I will have to try the red velvet asap!

  9. I'll have to try the first and last ones! I think I like the cream cheese part of red velvet best though.

  10. That caramel apple pie looks to die for, and I tried red velvet ice cream the other night and it was delish!

  11. Well now I just want ice cream! Yummmm!

  12. Oh my gosh - those all look so amazing!! I am such a sucker for a good bowl of ice cream. My favorite is Birthday Cake Ice Cream from PET. I don't usually love their ice cream but this flavor is the most amazing ice cream I've ever had...seriously! Hope you guys are having a good week:)

  13. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! i LOVE ice cream. i really gotta try these. sounds sooooo yummy!

  14. Can you believe Miami doesn't have Blue Bunny ice cream? We only got Blue Bell last year! What is wrong with this city? (That's a whole different topic!)

    Anywho...looks scrumptious...though I'm not much of a "sweets" girl...but you already knew that.

    Sophisticated Steps

  15. I'm the opposite of Kara in that I love ice cream with fun stuff in it like crunchies or cookie dough bits. It's like Christmas. You never know what's going to be in your next bite!

    P.S. I want all of these! (too bad I have reactions to lactose :(

  16. You know I love you but an ICE CREAM POST??? I'm not gonna be dropping any of these post preggo pounds by eating ice cream but I must say, that carmel apple pie ice cream may have to be the exception, yummo!

  17. We are going to have to try these out! You haven't been wrong about your reccomendations yet! Since you are the biggest icecream fan I know have you tried the new BandJ's Blueberry cheesecake? ITs reallllllly good!!!!

  18. I am not so sure about the red velvet one. But the caramel apple... that one is screaming my name!

  19. These sound amazing! I recently heard that Ben & Jerry's red velvet ice cream is amazing also. I bought some today and can't wait to try it!

  20. OMG. What are you trying to do to me girl?? Those ice creams are calling my name!

  21. I am so hungry right now.
    Hope you had a great time away.

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