Monday, August 1, 2011

Soak up the Sun

What to do? What to do?

Option A:
The "oh-I've-been-so-busy-that's-why-I-haven't-posted" recap sort of post.

or Option B:
Just write as though I haven't AWOL from this little blog of mine.


Summertime has been full of typical summer activities. Lots of traveling. We've been to Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and Florida. In this upcoming week, we'll be venturing to Kansas City one day, Oklahoma City another day, and then Colorado for a week. 
We've had one birthday party, celebrated my husband's, and another is in the planning stages for little miss Isabelle's big ONE.
In between all the traveling and partying, there's been lots of laundry, lots of reading, and lots of time outside. School starts in about three weeks, and we plan on squeezing in as much fun as we possibly can.

Life is good.

I'll be honest, though, I'm ready for fall. We've had temperatures in the 100s for the last two months, and while I usually LOVE the sun, I find myself in the shade much more often with my fair-skinned baby. It's almost miserably hot outside, and even just a few minutes leaves you uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

I'm ready for cooler days and the schedule and predictability of school days.

In the meantime, you can find me enjoying summertime, spending time with my family, and soaking up the sun.

Are you loving summer or cursing it??

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  1. I hate summer so much. The air quality is awful and the heat kills my will to move. In the winter, I can just get up whenever and go for a run, but in the summer, I have to set my alarm to ungodly early hours. Ugh.

    I miss hearing daily updates, so I'm looking forward to fall :)

  2. First time visitor at your blog, I love it!

    I am totally with you about recapping. I laughed when I read your first several lines, I always think that. Do people care/will I want to remember what I've been up to or should I just move on? Good choice, a little mix of both. :)

    I'm with you about fall. I had a baby at the beginning of the summer, so we haven't done our normal summer activities this year-beach, farm, visiting family, pool, etc. Since we can't really enjoy summer, it might as well just be fall. Plus I'm just so happy in my jeans, boots and a sweatshirt. :)

    Have a great week!


  3. Love summer. Although I'm from minnesota and summer is really probably only about 6 weeks long. Ha ha ha....if it was super hot (like it was a couple weeks ago) then I'd probably have the same view of summer that I have of winter.

    Recaps are good. Write away!



  4. I Agree! Summer is too hot. I'm ready for fall and school to start in 3 weeks. Though it's not actually school I'm ready for it's the routine as well. Sounds like you guys have had a busy but awesome summer! We havent been on a summer vacation yet. but there is still time! :)

  5. I LOVE summer and cannot figure out why it's flown by so fast! Maybe it's because I've been traveling more than other summers...who knows. Kids start school in about 3 weeks and I"m sad!

  6. While I enjoy summer, I spend the entire time looking forward to fall which is my favorite season. I don't like the insane heat and humidity we have had either. I am sure once my kids are in school I will savor the summers and the extra time with them.

    Glad to see you are back!


  7. Nice to see an update! Glad your summer has been going well. I agree with you, I'm ready for fall - I've only been in KS for a day and already I'm ready for no more heat!

  8. You are funny. We are truly enjoying summer. Planning as much pool or beach swim playdates and trips to different spray/splash parks.

  9. how was your time in TX?! it's awfully hot here too. will november ever come?!

  10. Either one, just glad you're back!! Sounds like you are having quite the busy summer but fun I am sure!!

  11. wow!! you all really have traveled a ton! but it sounds like your summer with your fam has been amazing! I summer but looking forward to the cooler temps and peacefulness of fall :)

  12. Sounds like you are having a wonderful and busy summer---minus the heat!

  13. I'd be ready for fall too living in temps like that! Whew... I grew up in a really hot area where the summers hit triple digits, but where I've lived for the past 5 years, 70 degrees is considered hot. lol
    *Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I will keep on keeping on! ;0)*

  14. I am HOPING for summer!!! It's sooo cold here at this part of the world!!!

    Belly B :)

  15. This has been a hot summer!! I can only stand to be outside if there is a pool within a few feet for me to quickly jump into. Our summer has been super busy with a lot of traveling as well, so I'm kind of ready for a slower pace and cooler weather, too.

  16. I struggle with the summer time... but I love spending the time with my boys, so the goods always out weigh the bad! :)

  17. THIS summer is too hot but usually I LOVE it. :) All I can say is THANK GOD for a.c.!!

    And it's ok that you went AWOL for a little while - made me feel better about neglecting my blog the last few months. :)

  18. I'm loving summer because I'll be cursing those cold winters. And yay! You're back in action. It's like not a day has gone by, Megan!

  19. Hello...just catching up. I thought I would be blogging steady this summer with all theextra "time" but life got in the way!
    I love summer. Ours is short and intense and the leaves will be changing by the end of this month so I will savor each day!

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