Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Shower Bouquet

So, I'm totally not a crafty person. I'm not creative, I'm not artistic, I'm not good at drawing or sewing or knitting or any of those things.

Occasionally, I wish I was, but in reality, I know that it would take up a lot of my time, be another thing to spend money on, and would add to the clutter in my house.

Therefore, I'm am mostly at peace with my lack of craftyness.

Last week, though, my mom asked me for some ideas for a baby shower gift. So I googled around for some ideas, and found a cute one that involved rolling up onesies and receiving blankets, putting them in a bakery box, and calling them "cupcakes."

Somehow, in a moment of never before seen crafty brilliance, I got the idea to transform those "cupcakes" into "flowers" and make a baby shower bouquet.

I rolled up the diapers, diaper cake style, to go in the basket to be the base for my flowers. All the material things - the onesies, bibs, washcloths, and receiving blankets were rolled up into a flower with one of the baby utensils rolled halfway inside to be the "stem." I used cupcake liners and coffee filters around the rolled up flowers to add to the flower look.

Then I arranged my "flowers" in the basket. And then....

Obviously it was nothing spectacular, but I do think pictures don't do it justice and it turned out much cuter in person.

If nothing else, it was cute enough that my 8 year old wanted to keep it for herself, even after I informed her that it was just baby stuff and diapers. She still wanted it.

What was the best baby shower gift you received OR what is the best baby shower gift you have given??


  1. Crafty! I really want to take a bunch of receiving blankets and make myself a big blanket out of them. I wonder if I could get someone to swaddle me.

  2. That's way cuter and craftier than any baby shower gift I've ever given! Although I did just give that same set of 3 onesies to a friend! It was just in a bag with tissue paper though :)

  3. That's so cute! I had a diaper cake at my shower and I loved it. I wouldn't have even known it was diapers if someone hadn't told me, lol.

  4. I love it. :) I'm not crafty, or creative or anything. I just copy other people's ideas, haha.

    I've only been to one baby shower that wasn't for me. So, my best gift was a pack of dipers and blankets. Haha.

  5. That turned out soooo cute!!!

  6. The best baby shower gift we got was Diapers. We didnt have to buy diapers for almost the first 6 months. It was AWESOME!

    I think you did a fantastic job! :)

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