Monday, October 10, 2011

Life goes on

My blog has been terribly neglected for months.

I think it's because I'm very much a creature of habit.

When I'm posting on my blog regularly, it comes naturally. I enjoy the writing and make time for it. It's expected. It gets done.

But once I miss a few days, it's easy to skip the next few days. Days become weeks, weeks become months, and next thing ya know, I've only managed to write a 15 meager posts in the last three months. (such as this, this, or this one.)

Contrary to how it may appear, I don't like neglecting my blog. I haven't lost interest, but it hasn't been a priority lately. And truly, I don't think it should ever be a priority, as it's just a little hobby of mine. But if I can make time for unnecessary things like Facebook, Pinterest, and massive amounts of blog reading, certainly I can make time for my own blog.

Sometimes I continue to be surprised at how time consuming blogging is. The typing part is quick. Sometimes the revisions take awhile, making sure that what I want to convey is actually apparent in my writing. Uploading photos to the computer, editing the photos, and then uploading them into a blog post take awhile too. It helps if I'm remembering to take pictures in the first place. Unfortunately, I'm really bad about remembering to have my camera with me, and my phone takes terrible quality photos that make me cringe. And I feel like a post without photos is just no fun at all.

With that said, let's share some photos, shall we?

My sweet little Isabelle, at 13 months, is thisclose to walking. She can cruise around all over the place holding on to something, be it the edge of the couch, the edge of the table, or her little playskool walk 'n ride toy. In fact, she's even taken just a few teeny steps completely on her own, but she's definitely still a crawler right now.
Kaylee is getting to the age where she doesn't want to stop and pose for pictures for me. She's definitely to the age where she can give me exasperated looks when she's not interested in the pictures I'm trying to take. We went to Kansas City a few weeks ago, and at the zoo, Kaylee wanted a picture with her current favorite animal, the red panda.

Also in Kansas City, Isabelle found this awesome hat at the Gap. No, we didn't buy it, but it made for a funny photo. (The tramp you see clutched in Isabelle's hand (Tramp, as in, Lady and the Tramp) was with our family for a short 5 hours. He got lost somewhere in KC, but we're hoping someone found him and gave him a good home.)

Now was a very inopportune time to come back, and make it sound like I'm going to rededicate myself to blog and post much more regularly. We leave this week to go to Florida! We're a bunch of Disney addicts, what can I say? Anyway, vacation or not, I'm really going to try to be a better, more consistent blogger. After all, I know you've missed me! :)

Did you know today is Colombus day? If you could set sail for anywhere today, where would you go? 

I'd love to visit Australia. I'd split my time between Sydney, doing all the city things like shopping, eating, and touristy things, and the outback, doing all the outdoorsy, hiking stuff. You wanna come along?!


  1. I've missed your posts! Have an awesome time at Disney--we're heading there ourselves this Thursday after the girls get out of school. :)

  2. Yea for a post & yea for your upcoming vacation!!

    I would LOVE an Alaskan cruise but I think it might be a little chilly this time of year. Then again.... considering how my pregnancy thermastat is freezing Clayton, Aubrey, and our dog out of our house, the temperatures in Alaska may be just about right.

  3. To say you've been missed is an understatement. ;)

    I need my daily dose of Megan.

    (Including cute, sweet and silly kid pics.)

  4. Have a wonderful time on your trip!

    I agree it's hard to find time to blog, or at least blog "well." We love your updates, though, so we'll be here whenever you have time :)

  5. I'm glad to see you back :)
    Isabelle's face in that picture with the hat says it all.

    You're going to Disneyworld again?! So crazy!! I forget it's been a whole year since you went I guess. And I would totally hop on a plane to Australia with you! I'd also love to see Italy, especially to sample all the food (and see the gorgeous scenery)

  6. your girls are looking so precious and quite grown up! have a great little trip :)

  7. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!!!

  8. i'd go home to california... although i suppose it'd be faster to fly. ; ) but i seriously would love to go to australia, too!

    i hear ya on the blogging stuff.

    your kiddies are so cute!

  9. I would totally sail to Australia with you in a heartbeat! And not to worry, I've felt like I'm neglecting my blog too... :(

  10. your girls are beautiful! and i can totally relate to how time consuming and overwhelming blogging can become at times. just know that we are still here when you are ready to post and enjoy reading what you have to say :)

  11. Have a great time at Disney!!! And then be sure to blog about it when you come back! Haha! : )

  12. I have definitely missed you! Love the pics and the cupcake jammies are toooo cute! Have fun at Disney, I can't wait til my kids are old enough to go.

  13. Definately have missed you girl!! But sometimes you just gotta take a step back and breathe...ya know?! Anyways, I hope you have a safe and fun trip to Disney!!

    If I could go anywhere, I think I'd hit up Bora Bora!! ;)

  14. know how you feel. Have these moments often.
    Life and family get in the way and blogging comes second in my family.

    Look forward to reading more

  15. Your daughters are so gorgeous, I love their eyes! And I would totally sail to Austrailia. Aussies are sooo hot! You should come with and we can find some hotties!

  16. I know what you mean about blogging. I have weeks when I have to be very intentional about it, or else I'll stop for a few months all together. Glad you're back :-)
    And your kiddos are still way cute :-)

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  18. cute kiddos! glad you're posting again :)


  19. I'm a creature of habit too. and Seeing how I missed a TON of your blogs I've spent the better part of the last hour reading them!

    Disney is so fun!

    If I could set sail anywhere it would be to Ireland. Part of my family is from there, and it just looks like its beautiful from pictures and everything you see.

  20. hello my beautiful world
    hello everyone on this place!
    i am Kate


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