Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No joke

I know I've told y'all before that we are some serious eaters around here.

(I've made reference to my eating an entire pint of ice cream here, a day of road trip eating here, and showcased what Kaylee eats here.)

Well, Isabelle is serious about her eating too, as I showed you last week.
Remember this??

To further illustrate my point, I couldn't resist snapping these two photos this afternoon. 

The first is shortly after naptime, and Isabelle was HUNGRY and MAD.
Clearly, she did not think this was a time for taking pictures.

After a bowl of chili and some delicious strawberry yogurt, I've got a whole new baby!
See what a little food can do?!

Are you a snacker, or do you stick to three meals a day? 
I am a snacker, for sure! I snack more than anyone else I know! 

(and while we're on the subject of eating, stay tuned for a few food related giveaways! 
yogurt, waffles, and cookies, oh my!)


  1. haha! cute girl! i am such a snacker. and really love snack foods...problem is that i love my meals too ;)

  2. I am the same way! If I am hungry then I am also crabby! I try not to snack during the day, but sometimes I just have to have a little something!

  3. Oh, that Isabelle. Cute even when she's mad.
    My problem is sometimes I skip the meal and just graze like a cow. Who has time to cook?

    And free food? Girl, you know I'm in. ;)

  4. By the way, my dear... Do you want me to make you another blog button for the new look? ;) Just say the word.

  5. Actually, I could just modify the current one.

    Okay. I'm out.

  6. I think snacking is the only thing that has gotten me through college... (as I inhale left over peperoni rolls from Old Chicago)

  7. That is too much! Lol. I am such an irregular eater... it's bad. BTW, LOVING the new layout!

  8. LOL it's amazing what a little food can do! Nolan is always after everything we eat...he's a bottomless pit!

  9. Well at least you know for sure that she is YOURS!! I always laugh at Landon getting upset when he's hungry, but then realize that I'm the same way :)

  10. I'm also like Isabelle...I get very cranky if I'm starving for too long! I need my food!! Sometimes I can be a really big snacker, and others I don't. I guess it just depends!

  11. Oh man, I see that same hangry face every time I'm late on making lunch. :)

  12. LOL that pic of her crying is funny. i do that too when my dd cries and me taking pictures of her while she's upset gets her even more upset.

    i don't get hungry; i get hangry (hunger + angry) and i need to eat immediately or people will get hurt!

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