Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Isabelle's Favorite Things (part two)

A long long time ago, when Isabelle was just a wee little babe,
I wrote a post sharing a few of her favorite things. I intended to write updates to it on a somewhat regular basis, but that didn't really happen. Now that my sweet little baby is quite the active little toddler, I thought I'd share a few of her current favorites.

In no particular order...

Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD

Oh my goodness, Isabelle LOVES her Baby Signing Time. We don't have her watch any other TV shows or movies (I'm not hardcore against it, but we opt to do other things with our time) but we chose to introduce this since Isabelle currently is choosing not to talk, and we were hoping to give her some form of communication. Anyway, she will sit for the entire time this is on - a full 27 minutes, and watch, enraptured. She's learned few of the signs, and we're really enjoying it. As of now, at 17 months, Isabelle can sign: eat, drink, milk, banana, cereal, cracker, more, fish, dog, mom, diaper, potty, shoes, please, thank you, sleep, baby, signing, time.
 I realize those are terrible pictures, but Isabelle is signing fish, then cracker, for her goldfish crackers.

Nuby No Spill Sipper

We tried several different kinds of sippy cups in this house, and this one was the clear winner. I like it because it has no valves and is easy to clean, and Isabelle likes it...... for whatever reasons she has.

Isabelle got a Cozy Coupe for Christmas, and even though all it's done it sit in our living room, she still plays with it on a daily basis. She's content just to sit inside, and wave to us from the window. I can't wait to take her outside in it, and watch her drive around!

We love having this booster seat as opposed to a high chair. It attaches to our normal dining room chairs, Isabelle is at the right height for our table, and it's so much more space friendly. Easy to attach, easy to use, easy to clean, fun detachable toys, detachable washable tray...I love everything about it. I'd highly recommend this to all moms. And Isabelle always looks pretty happy sitting in it too :)

What are some of your favorite things??


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